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Monolith ® Instruments

Monolith ® Instruments for MicroScale Thermophoresis™
A technology by NanoTemper ®

MicroScale Thermophoresis is an easy, fast and precise way to quantify biomolecular interactions. It measures the motion of molecules along microscopic temperature gradients and detects changes in their hydration shell, charge or size.

MicroScale Thermophoresis - A powerful technique
By combining the precision of fluorescence detection with the flexibility and sensitivity of thermophoresis, MST provides a flexible, robust and fast way to measure molecular interactions.
When performing an MST experiment, a microscopic temperature gradient is induced by an infrared laser, and the directed movement of molecules is detected and quantified using either covalently attached dyes, fluorescent fusion proteins, or intrinsic fluorescence.

Unmatched Application Range
MicroScale Thermophoresis detects interactions between any kind of biomolecules thus providing a large application range, from ions and small molecules to high molecular weight and multi-protein complexes.
Thermophoresis, the movement of molecules in temperature gradients, is not only dependent on the size, but also on the charge and the hydration shell of the molecule of interest. Therefore, binding events can be detected even without an increase in size or mass upon complex formation.
Since MST is performed free in solution without any surface immobilization, also bulky or sensitive molecule assemblies such as liposomes, nanodiscs or membrane proteins can be investigated.

Monolith ® Instruments

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