TTP Labtech’s mirrorball® high sensitivity cytometer represents one of the most versatile instruments available today for cell based assays.

mirrorball’s flexibility allows direct transfer of cell based assays that normally require ABI 8200 (FMAT®), high content imaging or flow cytometry.

It is the first system in its class to offer simultaneous scanning with multiple lasers (405, 488 and 640 nm) and offers a unique set of enabling features:

Homogenous no-wash-assays: - eliminating wash procedures yet retaining high sensitivity. mirrorball is capable of performing cell based assays compatible with both adherent and non-adherent cell lines.
High-speed multiplexing: - for identification of multiple fluorophores and analysis of heterogeneous populations in bead and cell based assays.

High content imaging: - with whole well scanning, mirrorball requires fewer cells to achieve statistically significant results.
Flow cytometry in a microplate: - with high sensitivity, mirroball’s offers an alternative to flow cytometry for the detection of low affinity antibodies and proteins found in low abundance.


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