TTP Labtech’s acumen® is a proven high content imaging system in extensive use across pharma-biotech and academic institutions.

TTP Labtech’s acumen® is a laser scanning imaging cytometer which performs cell-based high content screening using up to three lasers.

Simultaneous four colour detection for each laser provides content-rich data. Cytometric analysis allows rapidly screening of whole wells with resolution equivalent to a 20x microscope objective.

The speed of data acquisition is not affected by plate density. Microplate types ranging from 24-well up to 3456-well (or 4 microscope slides) can be analysed at speeds of 8 minutes per plate.

Uniquely, these scan times include data acquisition, data analysis and data export.

TTP Labtech’s acumen® combines the workflow benefits of a bulk reader with the data quality of a high-end imaging system.


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