CS 200

CS 200

The CS-200 is an instrument that enables highly accurate luminance and chromaticity measurements, comparable to those of a spectroscopic type of instrument while maintaining the simplicity, operability, and competitive price of a tristimulus type.

The CS-200 features 40 sensors and performs calculations using the spectral sensitivity characteristics (colour-matching functions) corresponding to the sensitivity of the human eye. With this newly developed spectral fitting method, tristimulus values (XYZ for red, green, and blue) with a far higher accuracy than those of conventional tristimulus colorimeters can be obtained, providing excellent results.

Measurements over a wide range of luminance levels from a low luminance of 0.01 cd/m² through high luminance of 20,000,000 cd/m² (with measuring angle of 0.1°) can be carried out.

Three measuring angles can be selected: 1°, 0.2°, and 0.1°. The measuring angle can be switched according to the measurement target, ranging from display devices or other objects with large areas to measure, to objects with tiny areas to measure, such as car audio control panels, vehicle instrument panels, and compact LCDs.

CS 200

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