Multicheck 5.1

Multicheck 5.1

The MultiCheck 5.1 automatically measures weight, thickness, diameter/length, width and hardness of round and odd shaped samples (max. 40 measurements/min).

The advanced design of the unit offers innovative functions such as switchable hardness testing principle (“Constant-Speed” and “Constant-Force”), fully automatic speed adjustment of tablet singulation and transport independent of sample size and surface, advanced high-accuracy thickness measuring system and state-of-the-art alignment tool for irregular shaped oblongs and coated tablets.

The new MultiCheck 5.1. comes with a system for separation of the samples via an oscillating funnel.

In standard configuration the MultiCheck 5.1 offers an integrated Sartorius weighing cell (accuracy +/- 0.1 mg). On request the new unit is also available with Sartorius CPA 64 (with integrated display) or CPA 64 OCE (calibratable version with integrated display, accuracy +/- 0.01 mg).

Further the MultiCheck 5.1 can be fitted with an alignment flap, a tool which allows aligning and holding oblongs in the correct position for and while breaking. At the version 5.1 the alignment flap (down-holder) is modernized in such a way that now it creates more force to hold the samples while the breaking process.

The MultiCheck 5.1 in combination with the ERWEKA TabSelect flap/switch and the Venturi air transport system can be connected to any single or double sided tablet press.

Multicheck 5.1

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