Tapped Density

Tapped Density

 The ERWEKA SVM series is available for holding one or two glass cylinders and works according USP method 1 (300 strokes/min; stoke height 15 mm) or USP method 2 (250 strokes/min; stroke height 3 mm) which is equal to Pharm.Eur. and DIN ISO EN 787/11 requirements.

As a special version the SVM 223 operates the first test-station acc. to USP method 1 and the second station acc. to USP method 2.
Compliant glass cylinders are available in 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml versions for the test stations.

In contrast to the before mentioned SVM 121/221 the SVM 122 (one Test Station) and SVM 222 (two test stations) in respect of strokes/min. and height of stroke meets USP 2 and EP standard.

A special version for higher volumes and weights is available on request.

Tapped Density

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