GTA 120

GTA 120

ERWEKA friability tester type GTA 120 designed for any form of tablets, granules and pellets according to the Pharm. Eur.

Excellent reproducibility is possible due to the precise constancy of the input energy and due to the irrelevance of the tackiness of the test material inside the glass bottle (test station).

The single glass bottle is fixed to a holder which is connected to an arm performing the shaking (oscillation) procedure as described in the Pharm.Eur.

An acrylic glass lid covers the testing area. The test station complies with the regulations.

The shaking intensity and duration are individually programmes.

• Shaking frequency 0-400 strokes/min.
• Run time 0-9999 seconds.
• Shaking angle 42°.

GTA 120

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