DT 820

DT 820

ERWEKA DT 820 has been designed with increased memory capacity to control complete Dissolution Offline Systems for advanced stand-alone operation.
DT 820 allows storage of up to 100 product test-run parameters which can be interchanged between various DT 820’s by USB memory stick.

The unit, as far as possible is made from carbon fibre to reduce any risk of corrosion.

DT 820 can be used in conventional High-Head mode and low-evaporation Low-Head mode.
It is equipped with OQ traffic light (to show USP/EP compliance) as well as OQ menu for system suitability test performance and data storage. By choosing the FDA print-out submenu the performance of the system can be documented within seconds.
The DT 820 can be equipped with 6, 7 or 8 test stations and holding 8 vessels with 1000ml each.

Each DT 820 can be fitted with the UniShaft system for stainless steel- or fluoropolymer coated stirring elements. At the UniShaft system, similar to the previous DT 600/700/800 generation, one single stirring shaft is used to screw either paddle (PEEK), basket holder or rotating cylinder. Due to the special design height adjustment is not required.

The UniShaft system, in combination with two different stirring shaft lengths allows to operate DT 720/820 in either conventional High-Head- or low-evaporation Low-Head mode.

DT 820

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