DT 1420

DT 1420

The 14 Vessel DT 1420 is based on the DT 720 (user interface such as keypad, displays and menu structure) and offers 12, 13 or 14 test-stations arranged in 2 rows.

It offers the possibility for one test with 12/13/14 tablets or two tests with 6/7 tablets. The advantage is that two USP tests can be carried out with one bath at equal test conditions.

Various Vessel capacities (250/1000 ml standard, 2000 ml on special request) are available as well as High-Head- (maximum access) or Low-Head (low-evaporation version; for automation) design are available up to ustomers specification.

The DT 1420 is made with users of generic products or high capacity in mind. Due to the configuration the unit offers to run 2 different batches of the same product or 2 different products with the same dissolution monograph at the same time.

DT 1420

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