Flow-Through-Cell Dissolution Testers are specifically made for those products which require long term tests (i.e. implants) and products which need a high amount of media volume to dissolve.

Due to the complicated operation of the Flow-Through-Cell Dissolution System ERWEKA offers as an alternative standard Dissolution Testers with 2.000 and even 4.000 ml vessels (see „Stirrer Type“).

The ERWEKA Flow-Through-Cell is offered in two different configurations:

a) “Open-Loop” system, in which fresh media is pumped from a reservoir through the cells in a continuous flow;

b) “Closed-Loop” system, in which the media for each test station is stored in a  thermostatically heated beaker glass with integrated stirrer (Media Transfer Station, Type LMT 700) from where it is pumped in a closed circle through the cell.


מכשור מדעי