ZT 220

ZT 220

Disintegration testers of the ZT 220 series are available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 simultaneously driven USP/Pharm.Eur./JP compliant  basket rack assemblies.

The units come with a quality integrated flow-through heating system, moulded one-piece PET water bath (can’t leak, can’t break, easy to clean) and water bath cover as standard.

Control of the unit is easy: by a membrane keypad with symbol keys the test-run parameters, such as run-time and temperature, are set and the actual values (runtime, water bath temperature) shown by big and bright LE displays.

On the ZT 220 series the run-time counter is automatically started when the Basket Rack Assembly is lifted into the test media.

Lift in and lift out of the baskets is performed manually while the counting of the elapsed test duration is automatically started/stopped.

On request, an alarm may be selected to sound upon completion of the preset test time. Heating of the warming solution in the moulded 1-piece PET water bath is performed by an integrated flow-through heating system.

ZT 220

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