SC632 Sulfur/Carbon

SC632 Sulfur/Carbon

SC632 Sulfur and Carbon in Organic Samples

The SC632 uses an ASTM-approved technique to determine the sulfur and carbon content in a wide variety of organic materials such as coal, coke, and oils, as well as some inorganic materials such as soil, cement, and limestone. Carbon and sulfur determinations can be done simultaneously or individually. An optional 50-sample autoloader will increase productivity dramatically.

ASTM-approved technique for determining sulfur and carbon simultaneously or individually using direct combustion/infrared detection

• Advanced design, with small footprint, external PC with improved operational controls, automation capabilities, and increased instrument robustness
• Large, reusable ceramic sample boats provide ample surface area for complete, efficient combustion
• Available autoloader for analysis of up to 50 pre-weighed samples

Combustion Tube with Lance
A lance tube introduces incoming oxygen directly into the sample, rather than by slowly filling the combustion tube. Since oxygen is focused, the speed of combustion is increased, reducing analysis times.

The durable concentric ceramic furnace tube maximizes the combustion products' exposure to heat and oxygen, ensuring sulfur and carbon recovery.

Six-Element Heating Furnace
Capable of a temperature range of 600°C to 1450°C, this high-endurance furnace design improves robustness, while minimizing downtime and operating costs. Improved power-load capacity results in a more durable furnace.

SC632 Sulfur/Carbon

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