TT-220 Probe

TT-220 Probe

TT-220 Probe Viscometer:

For Open Tank Applications

The TT-220 Process Viscometer is intended for open tank applications (5-20 gallon, 20-75 liters) requiring constant viscosity monitoring and or control. The TT-220 is often used in coatings or printing applications. The TT220 is a rotational coaxial cylinder (Searle) viscometer providing true dynamic viscosity measurements at defined shear rates, from as low as 0.1 sec-1 to as high as 600 sec-1.


• LED displays indicate process viscosity vs. set point
• Optional RS485 computer interface
• Displays viscosity in cP, mPa•s, or orifice cup seconds
• Senses/responds continuously
• Control capability includes PID, auto-tune PID, or on/off
• User selectable high/low alarms
• Easy to start-up, operate, and clean
• Wetted parts are 300 series stainless steel
• Can measure at API-defined shear rate of 511 sec-1, or "LSRV" drilling mud shear rate of 0.15 sec-1

TT-220 Probe

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