VTE Electric Viscometer

VTE Electric Viscometer

New VTE Electric Viscosel:

For Continuous Viscosity Control

The VTE® includes viscosity indication and control in one complete package and is widely used on line in the printing and coatings industries for automatic addition of solvents. The new look and easier-to-use controls makes the VTE a modern, economical option for in-line viscosity control.


Convenient & Inexpensive:

Viscosity measurement and control combined in one compact package that mounts easily to process equipment on the production floor. Operating method uses the well-accepted coaxial cylinder principle of viscosity measurement.


The Viscosel®'s sensitive response and automatic operation assures continuous conditioning of fluid.

Measures In-line:

Eliminates time constraints associated with viscosity analysis of grab samples in the laboratory; provides early detection and correction of in-process deviations from desired set points.

Quality Control:

Decreases raw material and product waste; maintains control of desirable product qualities (coating thickness, ink printability, % solids, etc.)

Easy to Clean:

Only the measuring cylinder and sample chamber come in contact with the sample. They can be easily cleaned or - if necessary - replaced without re-calibration.

Easy to Change Range:

Measuring cylinders hook on and off easily, without tools and without need to adjust the instrument.

Standard or Custom Mounting:

Using the standard mount, the Viscosel® can be moved wherever and whenever required. Custom bracket, cart, and tank mounts are available.

±1% Accuracy Full Scale:

The Viscosel® is guaranteed to be accurate within ±1% of the range in use and reproducible to ±0.5% of full scale range.


Repeatability to ±0.2% of full scale range

All the Advantages of Digital Electronics:

• Integral viscosity controller with relay output
• Continuous linear output signal (4-20 mA)
• Easy-to-read digital display in % torque or engineering units
• Multiple speeds (increases measurement range)

VTE Electric Viscometer

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