VTA Pneumatic Viscometer

VTA Pneumatic Viscometer

VTA Pneumatic Viscosel:

For Continuous Viscosity Control

The VTA-120 includes viscosity indication and control in one complete package and is widely used on line in the printing and coatings industries for automatic addition of solvents. The Viscosel is a pneumatic viscosity indicator for inexpensive viscosity control in explosion proof environments.


Convenient & Inexpensive:

Viscosity measurement and control combined in one compact package that mounts easily to process equipment on the production floor. Operating method uses the well-accepted coaxial cylinder principle of viscosity measurement.


The Viscosel®'s sensitive response and automatic operation assures continuous conditioning of fluid.

Measures In-line:

Eliminates time constraints associated with viscosity analysis of grab samples in the laboratory; provides early detection and correction of in-process deviations from desired set points.

Quality Control:

Decreases raw material and product waste; maintains control of desirable product qualities (coating thickness, ink printability, % solids, etc.)

Easy to clean:

Only the measuring cylinder and sample chamber come in contact with the sample. They can be easily cleaned or - if necessary - replaced without re-calibration.

Easy to Change Range:

Measuring cylinders hook on and off easily, without tools and without need to adjust the instrument.

Standard or Custom Mounting:

Using the standard mount, the Viscosel® can be moved wherever and whenever required. Custom bracket, cart, and tank mounts are available

±1% accuracy full scale:

The Viscosel® is guaranteed to be accurate within ±1% of the range in use and reproducible to ±0.5% of full scale range.

Easy-to-read viscosity indication:

The easily read set point mark and viscosity indicator are in parallel when the instrument is on control, making possible a quick visual check, even from a distance.

Safe pneumatic operation:

The Viscosel® and its drive, the indicator/controller and the valve for solvent addition are all pneumatically operated, without complex electronic circuits.

Finely modulated control:

The Viscosel® system offers on/off pneumatic control with 1% throttling action. Whether working with inks, coatings or lacquers, the instrument maintains constant viscosity by controlled solvent addition. The viscometer is also available as a transducer only.

VTA Pneumatic Viscometer

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