Renol Urine Osmolality Controls

Renol Urine Osmolality Controls

Renol™ Urine Osmometer Controls:

Renol is a line of urine based osmometer control solutions that are intended for use in evaluating the performance of your osmometer in clinical laboratories testing human urine. Renol  is specifically formulated at 300 and 800 mOsm/ kg H2O levels which are near clinically relevant decision levels where performance is critical for the the use and interpretation of the test. Use Renol to ensure the accuracy of the osmometer when testing human urine samples and to comply with CLIA and CAP quality control requirements.

Renol has the smallest lot-to-lot variability and the tightest acceptable performance ranges of any commercially available urine control solution. In establishing control values for a new lot, it is more likely that the operator will notice a shift in the instrument if each lot of control is always in a reliably tight range.

Use Renol Urine Controls to ensure the accuracy of an osmometer when testing human urine samples and to comply with CLIA quality control requirements.

• Formulation values of 300 and 800 mOsm/kg H2O are at medical decision levels
• Premixed and ready to use in convenient  2mL screw top vials
• Tightest acceptable performance range of any urine control solution

Renol Urine Osmolality Controls

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