Protinol 3-Level Protein Based Controls

Protinol 3-Level Protein Based Controls

Protinol® Serum Osmometer Controls:

Protinol® is a line of protein-based serum osmometer control solutions. It is intended for use in evaluating the performance of your osmometer in clinical laboratories testing of human serum samples.
Only Protinol meets College of American Pathologists (CAP) guidelines by offering multiple levels at relevant medical decision points. Studies  show that Protinol has the smallest lot-to-lot variability and the tightest acceptable performance ranges when compared to commercially available controls. This will signal a shift in instrument performance far sooner than any other osmometer control on the market today.


• Consistent, reliable results within the relevant decision points in human serum range
• Convenient 2mL screw top vials with bar code provided on labels
• Three levels allow users additional flexibility to comply with CLIA quality control requirements
• Premixed and ready to use
• Tightest acceptable performance range of any serum control solution

Protinol 3-Level Protein Based Controls

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