Clinitrol 290 Reference Sloution

Clinitrol 290 Reference Sloution

Clinitrol™ 290 Reference Solution:

Clinitrol™ 290 Reference Solution is intended for use in evaluating the performance of your osmometer. It is a true instrument reference solution and provides results that approximate the osmolality of human serum.
Clinitrol reference solution is premixed and ready to use.
Use Clinitrol to verify system calibration and as a daily system check to strengthen your laboratory’s quality control program when testing a single unknown sample or testing more than one unknown sample Clinitrol can be used to ensure that accuracy of test results.


• Simple, accurate and easy to use
• Designed specifically for use with osmometers
• Can be used as a daily calibration check of system performance
• Monitor operator technique, across multiple operators or several shifts

Clinitrol 290 Reference Sloution

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