ControLine Products

ControLine Products

ControLine™ Products:

Advanced Instruments ControLineTM Products
Advanced Instruments ControLine Products are a family of control and reference solutions designed to optimize and monitor the performance of your osmometer. All ControLine products are manufactured to stringent NIST and ISO 9000 quality systems standards. Results using ControLine products are far more precise and the true performance of your osmometer can only be realized with control materials specifically designed for your instrument.
For serum controls, only Advanced Instruments’ Protinol meets CAP and CLIA guidelines by offering multiple levels near clinically relevant decision points. Additionally, both Protinol and Renol have the smallest lot-to-lot variability and the tightest acceptable performance ranges which reduce the possibility of operator error.

Protinol® Controls are protein-based osmometer controls and designed for clinical laboratories testing human serum samples.

Renol™ Urine Controls are urea-based osmometer controls and intended for clinical laboratories testing human urine.

Clinitrol™ 290 Reference Solution is a true instrument reference solution and provides results that approximate the osmolality of human serum.

The Advanced Instruments Osmolality Linearity Set is designed to help laboratories easily monitor osmometer performance specifications and verify the reportable range of a laboratory method.

A wide range of Advanced Instruments Calibration Standards are available and designed to verify Advanced Instruments osmometer performance. Specific levels are designated for each instrument.

To find the calibrator levels that are right for your osmometer, go to the Calibration Standards product detail page or the Accessories/Supplies tab for your osmometer.

ControLine Products

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