CryoLine Cryoscope Supplies

CryoLine Cryoscope Supplies

CryoLine™ Cryoscope Supplies:

Advanced Instruments CryoLine™ Cryoscope Supplies
The Advanced Instruments CryoLine standards and laboratory supplies are designed specifically for use with Freezing Point Depression cryoscopes. Prepackaged and ready to use, NIST traceable CryoLine calibrators and reference solution, along with sample tubes and heat transfer fluid, quickly and confidently determine whether added water has come from producers, haulers, silos or the plant. Avoid paying for lower-grade milk while ensuring uninterrupted workflow and productivity.

Calibration Standards:

• 422 (-408 m°C) and 621 (-600 m°C) Milk Cryoscope Standards
• Stable sodium chloride solutions
• Traceable to U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology or NIST.
• Single use amplules to ensure stability.
• Specifically designed to satisfy ISO, HACCP and QA/QC requirements
Lactrol® 530 (-512 m°C) Reference Solution
• Ready to use reference material
• Shelf life of 36 months without refrigeration
• Easy instrument check between shifts, or monitor operator techniques

Glass Sample Tubes:

• High quality glass sample tubes
• Lot-to-lot consistency
• Tubes meet ISO5764/IDF 108:2002 freezing point determination specifications

Heat Transfer Fluid:

• Conveys thermal energy from the test sample to the cryoscope cooling system
• Ensures freezing point process occurs with absolute accuracy.

CryoLine Cryoscope Supplies

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