ST 243 Soxtec™

ST 243 Soxtec™

ST 243 Soxtec™ manual extraction system with six positions and batch handling tools for rapid and safe fat analysis. Suitable for a wide range of applications in the food, feed, environmental and other industrial segments.

Where can you analyse - In the laboratory
What can you analyse - Feed, Feed ingredients, Forage, Pet food, Food, Food ingredients, Grain, Cereal, Oil seeds, DDGS Meat, Meat products ,Fish, Fish products, Dairy products, Environmental products, and other industry products.
Parameters - Crude Fat, Total Fat and Extractable Matter
Analysis time - 45-60 min.
Principle - Randall improved Soxhlet

The Soxtec™ 2043 is a six-place solvent extraction system used for fast and safe determinations of soluble material in food, feed, soil, polymers, paper pulp and textiles. 

ST 243 Soxtec™

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