High analytical quality

The PICO syringes ensure high analytical quality and reliability of results with Radiometer’s uniquely formulated dry, electrolyte-balanced heparin that protects against clotting, even after prolonged storage, and minimizes bias on all electrolytes.

Increased operator safety

PICO50 and PICO70 syringes are available with our standard TIPCAP. The TIPCAP attaches securely to reduce the risk of blood spillage, while its air channels prevent air from entering the syringe as it is being sealed.

Designed for maximum flexibility

The PICO syringes come in different models and with different volumes to suit your needs:

•PICO50 aspirator syringes are available with a standard luer tip, allowing the syringes to be used with any kind of arterial and venous lines.

•PICO70 and safePICO70 self-fill syringes are available with a range of thin-wall needles, securing a smooth arterial puncture and fast filling, keeping patient discomfort to a minimum.

•The safePICO70 syringe comes with our easy-to-use needle-shield device to ensure safe removal of the needle.


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