Safe PICO


Correct patient-sample match and correctly identified results

Incorrect or missing patient IDs are some of the most frequent – and critical – errors, leading to resampling, or worse, misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. Each PICO syringe is prebarcoded to guarantee correct patient identification every time. With Radiometer’s data management system, you can even scan and link together sample and patient IDs directly at the bedside.

Quickly remove air bubbles and avoid blood contact

The unique self-sealing design of our safeTIPCAP simplifies the removal of air bubbles and limits the risk of contact with patient blood, including during transport and analysis.

Ensure fast, standardized mixing and prevent sample clotting

All safePICO syringes have a built-in metal mixing ball, ensuring fast and homogeneous mixing of the sample. Our dry electrolyte-balanced heparin is dispersed throughout the sample to prevent clots, while minimizing bias on all electrolytes.

Needle shield device for maximum safety

Operator safety is crucial in all phases of acute care testing. The integrated needle shield device on safePICO self-fill syringes allows for single-handed removal of the needle without the risk of needlestick injury.

Designed for maximum flexibility

safePICO syringes come in different models to suit your needs:

- safePICO aspirator for a-line sampling
- safePICO self-fill for arterial puncture sampling


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