QA Portal

QA Portal

Radiometer’s web-based service, the QA Portal, helps you collect, process, report and archive quality assurance (QA) data from all your Radiometer analyzers placed throughout the hospital.

Critical steps are performed automatically, saving you time while ensuring access to your QA-related documents whenever you need them.

Regulatory data in one place

In the QA Portal, all your QC (quality control) data is stored online. Data is carefully organized into folders and safely archived in one place, so you can readily access the information you need – when and where you need it.

The QA Portal holds QA-related reports such as method- and peer-group comparisons plus calibration verification results. You also have the option of uploading external documents such as proficiency testing reports, QC logs, calibration logs, and maintenance logs.

A straightforward search function enables you to retrieve old reports, simplifying regulatory compliance and providing immediate access to information in the event of an inspection.

QA Portal

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