TCM 400 Monitor

TCM 400 Monitor

The more measurement sites on the patient, the more information you get to make the right clinical decision for patients suffering from vascular diseases.

The TCM400 monitor is the only portable unit providing up to six simultaneous measurements of transcutaneous oxygen tension (tcpO2). In combination with the high performing pO2 sensor, the tc Sensor E5250, the TCM400 monitor offers reliable, accurate, non-invasive and real-time measurements even at sites of the body with poor perfusion.

By non-invasively providing accurate quantitative information about cutaneous oxygenation and perfusion, the TCM400 monitor is a valuable diagnostic tool in a variety of clinical settings.

Optimize your work routines
•Intuitive color touch screen and Windows CE software for increased user-friendliness
•On-board video tutorials
•Built-in battery facilitates transport between patients
•Simultaneous viewing of all six measurements


TCM 400 Monitor

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