TCM TOSCA Monitor


The TCM TOSCA monitor is used for continuous monitoring of the ventilatory status and oxygen saturation in pediatric and adult patients e.g. in respiratory care and sleep medicine.

TCM TOSCA is an easy-to-use solution designed to monitor tcpCO2, SpO2 and pulse rate through a single sensor. The integrated Masimo SET® technology for pulse oximetry provides accurate monitoring of oxygen saturation even during motion and at low perfusion.

The TCM TOSCA monitor can be connected to polysomnographs for overnight monitoring of the ventilation and oxygen saturation in sleep medicine.

The tc Sensor 92 comes with a convenient clip to attach the sensor to the ear, providing optimal comfort to the patient during monitoring.

Optimize your work routines
•Intuitive color touch screen and Windows CE software for increased user-friendliness
•High compatibility to interface with polysomnographs
•On-board video tutorials
•Built-in battery facilitates transport of the patient
•Simultaneous viewing of all three measurements
•USB port for easy printing of reports
•Ear clip sensor fixation for optimal patient comfort
•Alternative sensor fixation ring

Increased patient safety
•On-screen visualization of patient data in graphical or tabular format
•Fast entry of patient name and ID using on-screen keyboard
•Patient information is automatically linked to measurements
•Option to insert predefined textual event during measurements
•Automatic linking of data and marking of events to a session
•Real-time data storage
•Continuous trend measurement


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