AQT90 FLEX Analyzer

AQT90 FLEX Analyzer

The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer bridges the gap between measuring accuracy and time to results in acute care testing, so you no longer have to choose between the two.

High analytical performance

The AQT90 FLEX analyzer is based on lab technology with a proven sandwich method.

The analyzer offers quality control and comprehensive system quality checks of every single process to ensure that each test is performed error-free, providing results you can trust at the point of care.

Contact Radiometer now to discover how the AQT90 FLEX analyzer fits into your current testing methods.

High analytical sensitivity

The AQT90 FLEX analyzer minimizes background fluorescence and detects small amounts of analyte by using time-resolved fluorescence based on europium as a tracer. The high analytical sensitivity of this process delivers excellent clinical sensitivity and helps to secure correct diagnosis.

AQT90 FLEX Analyzer

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