KL1500 LED

KL1500 LED

Illumination for Stereo Microscopy

KL 1500 LED - LED light source with multiple LED light engine.

The KL 1500 LED was developed for standard and high end applications using microscopes with a parallel light path (“Galileo” type). Its special optics couple light generated by a total of 7 High Brightness LEDs (each 3 Watt) into a glass fiber bundle with a maximum diameter of 9 mm.

The luminous spot at the light guide end remains homogenous and the luminous flux is comparable with a 150 W halogen lamp. This is currently a one-of-a-kind performance. The price of the KL 1500 LED can be compared with its predecessor model, the KL 1500 LCD, which is operated with a halogen lamp.

KL1500 LED

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