ClearVue* Coverslippers:

Thermo Scientific* ClearVue Coverslipper delivers speed and accuracy to complete the coverslipping workload for the busiest of laboratories.

It all begins by placing a basket of slides onto the load rail and closing the door—the ClearVue coverslipper does the rest.


 Offers compatability with a variety of stainers to accommodate just about any lab setting
 Accepts slides directly from the Thermo Scientific Varistain* Gemini ES and Varistain 24-4, Sakura* DRS2000, and Leica* Auto-Stainer; slide baskets from any of these stainers can be loaded onto the ClearVue coverslipper in a mix-or-match fashion without making adjustments to the coverslipper

Specimen Recognition:

 Automatically recognizes different types of slide preparations; delivers correct amount of mountant for coverslipping each
 Handles both histology and cytology samples simultaneously without user interaction while still delivering right amount of mountant


 Load-on-demand capabilities can handle up to 11 slide baskets at the same time
 Load baskets one at a time or up to five baskets together

Optical Recognition:

 Features unique ability to optically recognize and position slides during coverslipping process
 Recognizes the position of each slide in a basket, removes each slide with a set of slide-grippers, and returns every slide back while maintaining slide positioning

User Interface:

 Intuitive user interface features a touchscreen panel
 Software monitors the type of slide preparation, size and number of slips dispensed, and the number of baskets waiting to be coverslipped

Safety Features:

 System is not operational when any of its doors are open, preventing mechanical mishaps
 Downdraft ventilation protects the user when loading and unloading slide baskets
 Charcoal filter removes any vapors before they can escape the unit
 Removable debris and purge trays make cleanup a breeze


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