Varistain 24-4

Varistain 24-4

Varistain* 24-4 Automatic Slide Stainer:

Thermo Scientific* Varistain 24-4 Automatic Slide Stainer is designed for single load, double load, and continuous throughput.
One-piece, benchtop unit features user-specified water stations to match your routines. Stations hold 25.3 fl. oz. (750mL) troughs that may be filled to 12 fl. oz. (355mL) for 10-slide carriers. Used in cytology, hematology, and histology laboratories.

  • Stains 64 slides per basket, potentially 1536 (64 x 24) slides/run
  • Stores and runs either three 24-step programs or six 12-step programs
  • Permits precise programming from minutes down to seconds
  • Pass feature allows two programs that utilize the same reagents to run simultaneously
  • Compact design conserves benchtop space
  • Turntable rotates for convenient access to stations at rear of unit
  • Gives consistent results run after run
  • Compatible with most automatic coverslippers
  • Varistain 24-4K models are configured for continuous operation
Physical Specifications:
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 29 x 29 x 20 in. [26 in. Raised] (74 x 74 x 51cm [65cm Raised])
  • Turntable Diameter: 34 in. (86cm)
  • Weight: 133 lb. (60kg)
  • Power Requirements: 50VA
Ordering Alerts:

Agitation is available. For greater fume containment, use the Hyperclean 2 Work Station with the Varistain 24-4. Integrate the Varistain with the Thermo Scientific Consul Automatic Coverslipper for even greater time savings and efficiency.

  • 64-position vertical slide carrier (two each, No. 66610021)
  • 25.3 fl. oz. (750mL) staining troughs (24 supplied, No. 66610023)
  • Water wash troughs (four supplied, No. 66610024)
  • 9.8 in. (3m) long water inlet and outlet hose (fitted)
  • Water regulator (USA only, No. 9996610)
  • Operator manual (specify language, No. 74210099)
  • Instruction Sheet (No. 74210098)
  • Service record book (No. A78410106)

Designed to meet IEC 61010, CSA, UL, and CE Mark (IVDD compliant)

Varistain 24-4

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