SMZ25 - Nikon Introduces World’s Largest Zoom Range, High-Resolution Stereomicroscopes

Breakthrough new stereomicroscope optics deliver the highest zoom range possible, while maintaining high resolution and exceptionally bright, uniform fluorescence.

The Nikon SMZ25 and SMZ18 meet the increasing need for imaging systems that span spatial scales from single cells to whole organisms. They feature a large zoom ratio of 25:1 for the SMZ25, superior optical resolution, advanced motorization and control, as well as exceptional fluorescence transmission capability.

SMZ25 Perfect Zoom System
A breakthrough in stereomicroscope design, the SMZ25's Perfect Zoom System dynamically changes the distance between the two optical axes as the zoom factor varies. This change in optical axis distance enables maximization of light entry into the optical system at every magnification. The result is a large zoom range, high resolution in both eye-paths, and minimal aberrations over the entire zoom range.

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