Liquid Handling
  • GX-281 Liquid Handler

    GX-281 Liquid Handler

    Customizable large capacity liquid handling system for diverse applications.

  • GX-274 Liquid Handler

    GX-274 Liquid Handler

    With increased throughput and efficiency, the GX-274 Liquid Handler processes up...

  • GX-271 Liquid Handler

    GX-271 Liquid Handler

    The perfect blend of size, capacity, and performance for all of your purificatio...

  • GX-241 Liquid Handler

    GX-241 Liquid Handler

    Miniaturized platform and maximized performance and capability.

  • 223 Sample Changer

    223 Sample Changer

    Programmable sampler for automated sample preparation and transfer, the 223 Samp...



    Maximize reproducibility in your biological sample preparation.

  • qPCR Assistant

    qPCR Assistant

    qPCR Assistant from Gilson is a small, flexible, and inexpensive application-bas...

  • Pipetman Classic

    Pipetman Classic

    The Incarnation of Gilson's Reliability, the World Pipetting Standard!

  • Pipetman G

    Pipetman G

    PIPETMAN G is a new mechanical, air-displacement pipette from Gilson.

  • Pipetman L

    Pipetman L

    Increase Productivity Without Sacrificing Comfort!

  • PipeteMan Neo Single

    PipeteMan Neo Single

    The Pipetting Neo Single With Improved Comfort

  • Pipetman Neo Multichannel

    Pipetman Neo Multichannel

    The PIPETMAN Neo Multichannel is a fully adjustable, air-displacement pipette

  • Distriman


    The Simplicity of a Continuously Adjustable Repeater-Pipette!

  • Microman


    MICROMAN is a fully adjustable, positive-displacement pipette that, together wit...

  • Macroman


    MACROMAN is a robust and reliable pipette controller for glass and plastic pipet...

  • Repetman


    REPETMAN is a positive-displacement pipette. It recognizes automatically Gilson...

  • MiniPuls 3

    MiniPuls 3

    Pulse-Free Flow Peristaltic Pump

  • MiniPuls Evolution

    MiniPuls Evolution

    Gilson’s MINIPULS Evolution is the brand-new peristaltic pump specifically...

  • Diamond Standard Tips

    Diamond Standard Tips

    DIAMOND Tips are designed, developed, and manufactured in order to fit Gilson pi...

  • Diamond Filter Tips

    Diamond Filter Tips

    DIAMOND filter tips are designed, developed, and manufactured in order to fit Gi...

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