PAT & Formulation
  • V19


    View Inline Particle Size and Shape in Real Time With In Situ PVM images

  • VDT/S


    The VDT/S is a vacuum leak tester for blisters and other packaging forms. The ma...

  • Disintegration


    The ST 32 is a basic suppository disintegration tester and complies with the lat...

  • Hardness


    The suppository hardness tester, type SBT 2 consists of an electrically heated c...

  • Penetration


    The ERWEKA MM 30 measures the softening time of suppositories.

  • Bulk Density

    Bulk Density

    The manual ERWEKA SMG 697 and SMG 53466 is the unit for the reproducible determi...

  • Tapped Density

    Tapped Density

    The ERWEKA SVM series is available for holding one or two glass cylinders and w...

  • TAR 120/220

    TAR 120/220

    The TAR series is a USP/ Pharm.Eur./ JP compliant ERWEKA unit for testing friabi...

  • GTA 120

    GTA 120

    ERWEKA friability tester type GTA 120 designed for any form of tablets, granules...

  • DT 620

    DT 620

    The basic stand-alone Dissolution Tester for all Laboratories and Universities w...

  • DT 720

    DT 720

    ERWEKA DT 720 comes with individual displays for each test-run parameter (time,...

  • DT 820

    DT 820

    ERWEKA DT 820 has been designed with increased memory capacity to control comple...

  • DT 1420

    DT 1420

    The 14 Vessel DT 1420 is based on the DT 720 (user interface such as keypad, dis...

  • USP4


    Flow-Through-Cell Dissolution Testers are specifically made for those products w...

  • USP317


    The ERWEKA BioDis is the perfect solution for multiple media change.

  • ZT 220

    ZT 220

    Disintegration testers of the ZT 220 series are available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 simu...

  • ZT 320

    ZT 320

    On the ZT 320 series disintegration testers the test-stations (one to four) are...

  • ZTi/m 320

    ZTi/m 320

    The ZTi/m 320 series for automated determination of disintegration time by eithe...

  • VDT/S


    The VDT/S is a vacuum leak tester for blisters and other packaging forms.

  • Multicheck 5.1

    Multicheck 5.1

    The MultiCheck 5.1 automatically measures weight, thickness, diameter/length, wi...

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