Medical Equipment
  • Safe PICO

    Safe PICO

    Correct patient-sample match and correctly identified results

  • PICO


    The PICO syringes ensure high analytical quality and reliability of results with...

  • Clinitubes


    Radiometer’s safeCLINITUBES and CLINITUBES come in a variety of sizes to m...

  • Q.C. for Immunoassay analyzers

    Q.C. for Immunoassay analyzers

    Quality control on the AQT90 FLEX analyzer is managed in the following ways

  • Q.C. for Blood Gas Analyzers

    Q.C. for Blood Gas Analyzers

    Quality control is a reliable way of ensuring analyzer performance as everything...

  • Radiance System

    Radiance System

    The RADIANCE system is a STAT analyzer and data management system

  • QA Portal

    QA Portal

    Radiometer’s web-based service, the QA Portal, helps you collect, process,...

  • TCM 400 Monitor

    TCM 400 Monitor

    The TCM400 monitor is the only portable unit providing up to six simultaneous me...

  • TCM CombiM Monitor

    TCM CombiM Monitor

    The TCM CombiM configuration is designed specifically for neonatal and pediatric...

  • TCM TOSCA Monitor

    TCM TOSCA Monitor

    The TCM TOSCA monitor is used for continuous monitoring of the ventilatory statu...

  • AQT 90 FLEX Analyzer

    AQT 90 FLEX Analyzer

    The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer bridges the gap between measuring accuracy a...

  • ABL 80 FLEX Analyzer

    ABL 80 FLEX Analyzer

    The ABL80 FLEX and the ABL80 FLEX CO-OX units provide quality, reliability and c...

  • ABL 90 FLEX

    ABL 90 FLEX

    Short turnaround time for immediate diagnosis and treatment

  •  AQT90 FLEX Analyzer

    AQT90 FLEX Analyzer

    The AQT90 FLEX immunoassay analyzer bridges the gap between measuring accuracy a...

  • ABL 800 FLEX Analyzer

    ABL 800 FLEX Analyzer

    High throughput and Drop 'n' Go capability for high-volume needs

  • Gemini AS

    Gemini AS

    The Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer delivers high-throughput staining capabili...

  • FSE


    Semi Automated Cryostat FSE

  • Varistain 24-4

    Varistain 24-4

    Thermo Scientific* Varistain 24-4 Automatic Slide Stainer is designed for single...

  • Clearvue


    Thermo Scientific* ClearVue Coverslipper delivers speed and accuracy to complete...

  • HM 450

    HM 450

    Thermo Scientific* HM 450 Sliding Microtome includes automatic fine sectioning a...

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