Surface Testing
  • Viscosity and Consistency

    Viscosity and Consistency

    Both in the production and for the subsequent usage (application) of coating mat...

  • Density


    Establishment of the specific gravity of raw materials and of finished products...

  • Grain Size and Pigment Dispersion

    Grain Size and Pigment Dispersion

    For producing good quality coating materials containing pigments or other powder...

  • Film Application

    Film Application

    For testing/evaluation of a coating material a defined application is imperative...

  • Film Thickness

    Film Thickness

    Properties of coating materials are generally specified on the basis of the coat...

  • Flexibility


    It is desirable for a coating material not to crack or lose adhesion if the subs...

  • Adhesion


    The adhesive qualities of coating material are of decisive importance to enable...

  • Impact Resistance

    Impact Resistance

    Particularly for the protective function of coating materials the ability to wit...

  • Hardness


    In the field of coating technology the concept of hardness generally refers to s...

  • Gloss


    The gloss on a surface is assessed by its reflection properties

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