Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • XT V 130C

    XT V 130C

    XT V 130C - Cost-effective X-ray inspection of electronic components

  • XT V 160

    XT V 160

    XT V 160 high-quality PCB inspection system

  • MCT225


    MCT225 offering absolute accuracy for inside geometry

  • MCT225 HA Metrology CT

    MCT225 HA Metrology CT

    This new ‘absolute-accuracy’ Metrology-CT (MCT) system guarantees th...

  • XT H 225

    XT H 225

    XT H 225 for all-purpose X-ray and CT inspection

  • XT H 225/320 LC

    XT H 225/320 LC

    XT H 225/320 LC for X-ray and CT inspection of larger samples

  • XT H 450 system

    XT H 450 system

    Unique XT H 450 micro-focus X-ray and CT system for turbine blade and casting in...

  • RepliSet


    RepliSet is a complete system for replicating materials.

  • Microscope PSM 5/10

    Microscope PSM 5/10

    PSM-5 and PSM-10 are battery-powered portable microscopes for field inspection o...

  • MovilPol-5


    MoviPol-5 is a portable electrolytic metal polishing and etching machine.

  • TransPol-5


    Portable grinding and polishing machine for non-destructive, metallographic prep...

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