Material Sciences
  • DiscoPlan-TS


    Discoplan-TS is a precision cutting and grinding machine for mineralogical, petr...

  • N4 -Portable Testing Clamp

    N4 -Portable Testing Clamp

    Portable hardness tester N4 for Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, HVT, HBT and Bal...

  • N6 - Intest Hardness Tester

    N6 - Intest Hardness Tester

    Portable hardness tester N6 for hardness measurement of bores and internal diame...

  • N7 - Portable Hardness Tester for Thooth Flanks

    N7 - Portable Hardness Tester for Thooth Flanks

    Portable hardness tester N7 for hardness measurement of tooth flanks and gears...

  • MCT-W


    The Shimadzu micro compression testers MCT Series evaluate the strength of micro...

  • DUH211


    Based on our experience with hardness evaluation technology for the micro range,...

  • Controller 4830

    Controller 4830

    The 4830 has been developed as a controller for servo control type test devices...

  • Controller 4890

    Controller 4890

    The 4890 32-bit digital controller incorporates a high-speed DSP, high-resolutio...

  • DuraJet


    DuraJet is the new tabletop Rockwell tester with extended load range

  • DuraVision


    DuraVision is the new innovative line of universal and macro hardness testers, f...

  • N3A/N3D


    Bench-top Rockwell hardness tester with analogue display (N3A) or with digital d...

  • MD-System


    The MD (Magnetic Disc) System is simply a better way to grind and polish specime...

  • Grinding Consumables

    Grinding Consumables

    The grinding process always begins with plane grinding.

  • Compact Port

    Compact Port

    The Belec Compact Port is the smallest spectrometer of its kind.

  • Lab 3000s

    Lab 3000s

    The Belec Lab 3000s is the compact stationary spectrometer. The instrument is an...

  • Vario Lab

    Vario Lab

    The Belec Vario Lab is an all-rounder. The instrument combines a number of uniqu...

  • CitoPress-1


    CitoPress is offering ultra-short mounting times and maximum user friendliness....

  • CitoPress-10/20


    CitoPress is offering ultra-short mounting times and maximum user friendliness....

  • Consumables


    Hot mounting is carried out using a mounting press where the sample is placed in...

  • Cold Mounting Consumables

    Cold Mounting Consumables

    Cold mounting is especially suited for mounting specimens that are sensitive to...

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