Material Sciences
  • L Type Loading Frame

    L Type Loading Frame

    Compact material testing machine of high performance, specifically developed for...

  • U-type frame

    U-type frame

    The large testing table below and crosshead mounted actuator above create a larg...

  • E-type Loading frame

    E-type Loading frame

    The Shimadzu Servopulser is a complete dynamic behavioral evaluation system with...

  • Viscosity and Consistency

    Viscosity and Consistency

    Both in the production and for the subsequent usage (application) of coating mat...

  • Density


    Establishment of the specific gravity of raw materials and of finished products...

  • Grain Size and Pigment Dispersion

    Grain Size and Pigment Dispersion

    For producing good quality coating materials containing pigments or other powder...

  • Film Application

    Film Application

    For testing/evaluation of a coating material a defined application is imperative...

  • Film Thickness

    Film Thickness

    Properties of coating materials are generally specified on the basis of the coat...

  • Flexibility


    It is desirable for a coating material not to crack or lose adhesion if the subs...

  • Adhesion


    The adhesive qualities of coating material are of decisive importance to enable...

  • RepliSet


    RepliSet is a complete system for replicating materials.

  • Microscope PSM 5/10

    Microscope PSM 5/10

    PSM-5 and PSM-10 are battery-powered portable microscopes for field inspection o...

  • MovilPol-5


    MoviPol-5 is a portable electrolytic metal polishing and etching machine.

  • TransPol-5


    Portable grinding and polishing machine for non-destructive, metallographic prep...

  • Deep Drawing Test

    Deep Drawing Test

    The Deep Drawing Cup Test is a method of testing sheet metal..

  • Cupping Test

    Cupping Test

    To conduct this test, a sheet metal specimen is clamped ..

  • Model 606

    Model 606

    Corrosion Testing Apparatus, Model 606-Basic, compact design, to carry out diffe...

  • Model 608

    Model 608

    Model 608/400 l Test Chamber Volume

  • Duramin 500

    Duramin 500

    Duramin-500 universal hardness tester

  • Hexamatic


    Hexamatic is the most versatile automatic preparation system available

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