Material Sciences
  • CM-600d/700d


    A compact and lightweight instrument that allows fast measurement of samples whi...

  • CM-2600d/2500d


    The CM-2600d portable spectrophotometer has become the instrument of choice for...

  • CM-3600A


    Spectrophotometers CM-3600A and CM-3610A are high-precision, high-reliability in...

  • CM-3700A


    The CM-3700A once again proves Konica Minolta’s leadership in advanced opt...

  • UNIGLOSS 60Plus

    UNIGLOSS 60Plus

    The Uni-Gloss 60, a more affordable model with only one measuring angle of 60&de...

  • MULTIGLOSS 268Plus

    MULTIGLOSS 268Plus

    The Multi Gloss 268Plus is an ultra compact portable Gloss Meter with three meas...

  • CR-10/11


    The Color Reader CR-10 is a very compact, battery powered, hand-held portable co...

  • CR-14


    he Color Reader CR-14 allows you to control the shade of white, near white and y...

  • CR-400/410


    The Chroma Meters CR-400 supersedes the internationally recognized and acclaimed...

  • SPAD 502 Plus

    SPAD 502 Plus

    The SPAD-502Plus enables quick, easy measurement of the chlorophyll content of p...

  • Accutom-10/100


    The new, completely redesigned Accutom cut-off machines from Struers are optimiz...

  • AG-X-High Preformance machines

    AG-X-High Preformance machines

    Experience unsurpassed reliability and operability with the new Shimadzu Autogra...

  • UH-Series


    As global environmental problems become more and more serious, materials are req...

  • EZ-Test S / L

    EZ-Test S / L

    Shimadzu´s famous compact table-top universal testing machine EZ-test was...

  • AGS-X


    The new developed AGS-X provides best performances at the lowest possible price....

  • MCT225


    MCT225 offering absolute accuracy for inside geometry

  • MCT225 HA Metrology CT

    MCT225 HA Metrology CT

    This new ‘absolute-accuracy’ Metrology-CT (MCT) system guarantees th...

  • XT H 225

    XT H 225

    XT H 225 for all-purpose X-ray and CT inspection

  • XT H 225/320 LC

    XT H 225/320 LC

    XT H 225/320 LC for X-ray and CT inspection of larger samples

  • XT H 450 system

    XT H 450 system

    Unique XT H 450 micro-focus X-ray and CT system for turbine blade and casting in...

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