Material Sciences
  • XT V 130C

    XT V 130C

    XT V 130C - Cost-effective X-ray inspection of electronic components

  • XT V 160

    XT V 160

    XT V 160 high-quality PCB inspection system

  • TMA/SDTA 2+

    TMA/SDTA 2+

    The TMA/SDTA 2+ can be used for a wide range of applications due to its broad te...

  • TGA 2

    TGA 2

    Achieve fast and accurate TGA results through seamless workflows.

  • TGA/DCS3+


    The TGA/DSC 3+ provides trustworthy results using a TGA balance from the worldwi...

  • HP DSC 2+

    HP DSC 2+

    High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimeter

  • DSC 3+

    DSC 3+

    Differential Scanning Calorimeter

  • DMA 1

    DMA 1

    Swiss Quality

  • DSC 3

    DSC 3

    Swiss Quality

  • CL 500A

    CL 500A

    Illuminance Spectrophotometer The CL-500A is Konica Minolta’s first compa...

  •  CL 200A

    CL 200A

    Incident Color Meter and Color Temperature Meter

  • CS-2000/2000A


    The new Spectroradiometer CS-2000A is capable of measuring ultra-low luminance l...

  • CS 100A

    CS 100A

    The portable Konica Minolta color meters are in their element when not only the...

  • CS 200

    CS 200

    The CS-200 is an instrument that enables highly accurate luminance and chromatic...

  • LS 100/110

    LS 100/110

    High precision Luminance-Meter with small angle

  • T-10A


    The latest generation of Konica Minolta lux meters, the T-10A, replaces the glob...

  • CA-310


    Building on the benefits offered by the Display Color Analyzer CA-210, the CA-31...

  • CA-2500


    2D Colour Analyzer CA-2500 High-accuracy measurements of two-dimens...

  • CM-5


    The innovative operation of the CM-5 makes color measurement simple for everyone...

  • CM-512m3


    The CM-512m3A is a multi-angle spectrophotometer especially designed for metalli...

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