General Lab
  • Protinol 3-Level Protein Based Controls

    Protinol 3-Level Protein Based Controls

    Protinol® is a line of protein-based serum osmometer control solutions.

  • Osmolality Linearity Set

    Osmolality Linearity Set

    The Osmolality Linearity Set is designed to help laboratories easily monitor osm...

  • Clinitrol 290 Reference Sloution

    Clinitrol 290 Reference Sloution

    Clinitrol™ 290 Reference Solution is intended for use in evaluating the pe...

  •  Calibration Standards

    Calibration Standards

    A wide range of Advanced Instruments Calibration Standards are available and des...

  • ControLine Products

    ControLine Products

    Advanced Instruments ControLine Products are a family of control and reference s...

  • Autopol  I,II,III

    Autopol I,II,III

    The AUTOPOL III Automatic Polarimeter is Rudolph's entry level Dual Waveleng...

  • Autopol IV

    Autopol IV

    The AUTOPOL IV is a microprocessor based automatic polarimeter that is available...

  • Autopol V

    Autopol V

    The AUTOPOL V Automatic Polarimeter is designed for today's FDA regulated an...

  • Autopol V Plus

    Autopol V Plus

    The AUTOPOL® V Plus has the validation tools and features to satisfy today&r...

  • Autopol VI

    Autopol VI

    The AUTOPOL VI Automatic Polarimeter was developed for the most demanding analyt...

  • Sample Cells

    Sample Cells

    Many Rudolph Polarimeter Cell designs offer significant advantages over traditio...

  • Calibration Standards

    Calibration Standards

    Rudolph Research Analytical Quartz Control Plates provide a permanent calibratio...

  • Weighing Accessories

    Weighing Accessories

    Each lab, each application, each customer requirements is different. So the prod...

  • Mass Comperator

    Mass Comperator

    Comparator Balances have a very high resolution of up to 52 million points and a...

  • HX204/HS153


    METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Moisture Analyzers deliver outstanding value

  • HE53 Moisture Analyzer

    HE53 Moisture Analyzer

    A Sound Investment in Quality - The HE53 halogen moisture analyzer is a reliable...

  • SmartCal Reference Standard

    SmartCal Reference Standard

    SmartCal offers a fast and efficient way to verify the performance of your Moist...

  • Densito


    Whether you check the purity of water or the quality of salad oil: Densito alway...

  • Bench-Top Density Meters

    Bench-Top Density Meters

    DM40 is a 4 place digital LiquiPhysics™ Excellence density meter for measu...

  • DDM 2910/2911

    DDM 2910/2911

    The DDM 2911 and DDM 2910 Density Meters have the features to meet the needs of...

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