General Lab
  • Excellence


    1 μg readability, 1 μg repeatability up to 800 mg

  • Excellence Plus

    Excellence Plus

    Taking Weighing to New Limits

  • Excellence


    XSE Analytical Balances offer exceptional weighing performance and quality assur...

  • Excellence Plus

    Excellence Plus

    Unique performance

  • Entry Level

    Entry Level

    The Essence of Weighing And More

  • New Classic

    New Classic

    Built-in function simplifies balance leveling

  • HC103


    Convenient, clever and robust

  • GX-281 Liquid Handler

    GX-281 Liquid Handler

    Customizable large capacity liquid handling system for diverse applications.

  • GX-274 Liquid Handler

    GX-274 Liquid Handler

    With increased throughput and efficiency, the GX-274 Liquid Handler processes up...

  • GX-271 Liquid Handler

    GX-271 Liquid Handler

    The perfect blend of size, capacity, and performance for all of your purificatio...

  • GX-241 Liquid Handler

    GX-241 Liquid Handler

    Miniaturized platform and maximized performance and capability.

  • 223 Sample Changer

    223 Sample Changer

    Programmable sampler for automated sample preparation and transfer, the 223 Samp...



    Maximize reproducibility in your biological sample preparation.

  • qPCR Assistant

    qPCR Assistant

    qPCR Assistant from Gilson is a small, flexible, and inexpensive application-bas...

  • Refracto


    Refracto 30PX is a compact, easy-to use portable refractometer for measurements...

  • Bench-Top Refractive Index Meter

    Bench-Top Refractive Index Meter

    RM40 is a 4 place digital LiquiPhysics™ Excellence refractometer for measu...

  • J57HA


    The Rudolph J57HA refractometer was designed to meet the unique needs of food qu...

  • J157


    The Rudolph J157 combines features and accuracy that meet the most demanding app...

  • J257


    The J257 is a Digital, Bench-top Refractometer, featuring electronic cooling and...

  • J357


    Designed as a research quality instrument the Rudolph J357 Digital, Bench-top Re...

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