PAT and Pharmaceutical Testing Equipment
  • EasyMax402


    Scale-Up Experiments and Crystallization Studies

  • RX-10 Reactor Control

    RX-10 Reactor Control

    Enhance the Jacketed Lab Reactor

  • EasySampler 1210

    EasySampler 1210

    Unattended, Representative Sampling For a Wide Range of Chemical Reactions

  • UV7 Spectrophotometer

    UV7 Spectrophotometer

    Superior technology for Pharmacopeia compliance

  • V19


    View Inline Particle Size and Shape in Real Time With In Situ PVM images

  • FBRM G400

    FBRM G400

    FBRM® G400 is designed for laboratory research and development, facilitating...

  • FBRM G600

    FBRM G600

    FBRM® (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) tracks the rate and degree of c...

  • UV-VIS 1280  Spectrophotometer

    UV-VIS 1280 Spectrophotometer

    Designed by the leaders in UV-Visible Spectroscopy for molecular absorption quan...

  • UV 1900

    UV 1900

    The new UV-1900 UV-VIS spectrophotometer is faster than ever

  • RF 6000

    RF 6000

    Striving for the Ultimate in Accuracy and Easy Operability

  • IRTracer-100


    Featuring improvements in interferometer and detector design, the IRTracer-100 o...

  • IRAffinity-1S


    Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

  • UV 2600/2700

    UV 2600/2700

    The UV-2600 is a research grade single monochromator UV-Vis spectrophotometer in...

  • UV 3600 Plus

    UV 3600 Plus

    The NEW UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer

  • Multicheck 5.1

    Multicheck 5.1

    The MultiCheck 5.1 automatically measures weight, thickness, diameter/length, wi...

  • TBH 125

    TBH 125

    The TBH 125 is the ERWEKA basic dual-mode (“Constant Speed” and &ldq...

  • TBH 325

    TBH 325

    The TBH 325 series is the ERWEKA hardness- or combination tester series with int...

  • TBH 425

    TBH 425

    The TBH 425-series are hardness testers for automatic measurement of up to 10 sa...

  • TBH 525

    TBH 525

    The ERWEKA tablet hardness tester TBH 525 series is a combination tester for the...

  • VDT/S


    The VDT/S is a vacuum leak tester for blisters and other packaging forms. The ma...

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