Chromatography and MS
  • NEXIS GC-2030

    NEXIS GC-2030

    Nexis GC-2030 the new industry standard

  • Prominence i

    Prominence i

    The i-series, designed for covering conventional to ultra-fast LC application...

  • X500R QTOF System

    X500R QTOF System

    Made just for you, the X500R QTOF system is the first robust, high performance h...

  • 4800 Plus MALDI TOF/TOF™ Analyzer

    4800 Plus MALDI TOF/TOF™ Analyzer

    The 4800 Plus MALDI TOF/TOF Analyzer is the next generation of tandem time-of...

  • API 3200

    API 3200

    The API 3200TM LC/MS/MS system is a fully-integrated triple quadrupole mass s...

  • API 4000

    API 4000

    The industry-standard API 4000TM LC/MS/MS System brings high-performance quan...

  • Triple Quad 4500

    Triple Quad 4500

    A new benchmark for reliable quantitation

  • Triple Quad 5500

    Triple Quad 5500

    SCIEX Triple QuadTM 5500 system is today's most sensitive triple quadrupo...

  • TripleQuad 6500

    TripleQuad 6500

    SCIEX Triple Quad 6500 system with revolutionary new multi-component IonDrive&tr...

  • 3200 QTRAP

    3200 QTRAP

    The 3200 QTRAP® LC/MS/MS system provides excellent sensitivity, superior...

  • 4000 QTRAP

    4000 QTRAP

    The 4000 QTRAP® LC/MS/MS System is our premier Hybrid Triple Quadrupole/L...

  • QTRAP 4500

    QTRAP 4500

    SCIEX QTRAP® 4500 system takes the legendary 4000 QTRAP® platform and...

  • QTRAP 5500

    QTRAP 5500

    SCIEX QTRAP® 5500 LC/MS/MS system is the next-generation technology which...

  • QTRAP 6500

    QTRAP 6500

    SCIEX QTRAP® 6500 system with revolutionary new multi-component IonDrive&tra...

  • SelexION


    SCIEX SelexION™ Technology device is an effective ion mobility spectrom...

  • TripleTOF 4600

    TripleTOF 4600

    SCIEX TripleTOFTM 4600 System makes routine high-resolution accurate mass MS and...

  • TripleTOF 5600+

    TripleTOF 5600+

    SCIEX TripleTOFTM 5600+ System is an innovative breakthrough in LC/MS/MS perform...

  • TripleTOF 6600

    TripleTOF 6600

    TripleTOF® 6600 System with variable windows SWATH™ Acquisition 2.0

  • TOF/TOF 5800

    TOF/TOF 5800

    SCIEX TOF/TOFTM 5800 System provides the fastest and most confident path to t...

  • GCMS TQ8040

    GCMS TQ8040

    NEW! The Shimadzu GCMS-TQ8040 is the first triple quadrupole with Smart Producti...

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