CR 10:

The Color Reader CR-10 is a very compact, battery powered, hand-held portable colorimeter for quick color control.

At first, simply measure the target and then the sample. After one second the color difference - expressed in ∆L*∆a*∆b* and ∆E*ab or ∆L*∆C*∆H* and ∆E*ab - will appear on the LCD display. The measuring area of 8 mm in addition to the 8°:di geometry allows a universal use in a wide variety of applications.

All measurements are taken under the conditions of standard illuminant D65 and 10° observer. For print out of the readings the CR-10 can be connected to an external printer

CR 11: The Color Reader CR-11 is identical with the CR-10 but displays Munsell color notations.


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