BactoScan FC+

BactoScan FC+

Bacteria analysis with BactoScan™ - An uncompromising approach to milk analysis

Based on proven FOSS technology, BactoScan™ measures the hygienic quality of milk by analysing bacteria in raw milk. Delivering results in just minutes, BactoScan allows farmers or milk testing laboratories to take action fast to preserve and enhance milk quality. Latest news: The new BactoScan™ FC+ is 30% faster than the previous version of BactoScan FC and the maximum number of samples that the instrument can handle has been increased from 150 to 200 samples per hour.

High performance capacity

BactoScan™ FC+ can now analyse up to 200 milk samples per hour with upgrades available to meet the requirements of all milk testing laboratories. This high performance capacity enables a high throughput of daily samples and frees up testing staff for other purposes.

BactoScan FC+

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