Milkoscan Minor

Milkoscan Minor

Ideal for smaller producers:

MilkoScan™ Minor allows smaller producers to get fast and accurate milk testing analysis. Pre-calibrated for milk and cream it enables on on-the-spot analysis so you can pay the right price for deliveries and control production more accurately.

User friendly raw milk testing:

The MilkoScan Minor is designed for ease of use. Just select product type and press the start button. In less than 90 seconds you have the result. Easy calibration adjustment, and data storage can all be carried out on an external PC.

Affordable quality:

With MilkoScan Minor you can rapidly measure up to six key quality parameters from a single sample and remove the need for slow and expensive chemistry methods. And by fine-tuning your production based on analysis results you can improve quality control of milk and profitability.

Milkoscan Minor

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