When the requirements are high preparation quality, uniform size and shape, and short process times, hot mounting is ideal. Hot mounting is carried out using a mounting press where the sample is placed in a mounting cylinder together with the appropriate mounting resin. A temperature of around 180°C and a force of about 250 bar is applied during the embedding of the sample. Mounts should always be cooled under pressure to get good adhesion between resin and sample. The fastest way to achieve this is to use water cooling. 

A Complete Product Range:

Struers offers a variety of mounting presses for every purpose – from semi-automatic presses for mounting of only a few samples to fully automatic, dual cylinder presses for high throughput.

Hot Mounting Resins:

Two different groups of resins are available for hot mounting: thermoplastic and thermosetting. Thermosetting resins cure at elevated temperatures, whereas thermoplastic resins soften at elevated temperatures and solidify again during cooling.


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