QTRAP 6500

QTRAP 6500

SCIEX QTRAP® 6500 system with revolutionary new multi-component IonDrive™ technology merges highly evolved sensitivity with renowned performance.  Adopting an intelligent approach to increasing the limits of quantitation, the patented IonDrive technology introduces a series of advancements that increase the quantity of ions produced while enhancing the way ions are transmitted and detected.  The results speak for themselves.

•10X greater sensitvity over the best selling high performance triple quad
• 20X increase in detector dynamic range 
• no compromise in mass range with a 2000 m/z upper mass limit
•optimized for UHPLC strategies with scan speeds of up to 20,000 Da/second
•increased throughput with polarity switching speeds of 20 mec
•Comaptible with SelexION™ differential ion mobility technology

Driven by proven Linear Accelerator Trap technology the QTRAP® 6500 system enables powerful unique workflows that deliver a new level of confidence in your data:
•MRM3 workflows for reduced sample cleanup and labor intensive chromatography methods
•Comprehensive peptide sequence confirmation and simplified MRM assay development for peptide quantitation
•Simultaneous quantitation and library searching using the unique TripleTrap™ Scanning for contaminant analysis
•100X increase in full-scan sensitivity over triple quads for greater confidence in forensic toxicology applications

SCIEX QTRAP® 6500 system, exceedingly sensitive, sharply focused.  All backed by the integrity and quality of SCIEX brand.

QTRAP 6500

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