iC Software

iC Software

Make Better Decisions, Complete Projects Faster

The iC suite of software allows scientists and engineers to convert data collected in their experiments into important process knowledge. This provides scientists and engineers with the critical information they need to be able make better decisions, and therefore complete projects faster.

All iC Software products share one common design, so users can learn the software once and use many instruments. Not only does this apply to METTLER TOLEDO products such as RC1, EasyMax®, OptiMax™, ReactIR™, and FBRM®, but also to other technologies that provide additional process knowledge, such as Raman (Kaiser brand). The seamless integration of complementary data sets further contributes to the faster understanding of the process under investigation.
iC software provides a unique perspective for the user when it comes to data analysis, combining a graphical interface that enables the user to quickly identify and assess parameters of importance, and our application knowledge gained from working within the industry.

iC Software

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